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eSarcasm is a (mostly) satirical site devoted to mockery of all things of a geeky nature. Our mission is to puncture the pompous, ridicule the ridiculous, skewer the silly, and abuse alliteration, all while fighting evil and flossing on a regular basis.

The opinions expressed on this site are solely those of the authors and may not reflect popular opinion or common sense. Visitors should not read eSarcasm while eating, operating heavy machinery, taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI’s), or if they’ve recently undergone humor bypass surgery. (Though the latter are welcome to add their thoughts to the comments fields so we can taunt them mercilessly.)

Topics mocked on eSarcasm may occasionally stray from technology and include sex, politics, entertainment, culture, sex, sports, current events, and sex. We know some of you will complain bitterly about that, so you might as well get it over with now. (Our complaint department is located here.)

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About the Authors

  • Dan Tynan

    DanDan Tynan has been writing about technology since the days when the abacus was known only as ‘that counting thingie.’ A former executive editor for one of the few computer magazines still standing, he’s written for more than 60 publications and has won more journalism awards than he can count (though he tries to here). He also tends the blogs Tynan on Tech and The WitList. In his spare time he sleeps.

  • JR Raphael

    JRJR Raphael is a journalist, writer, and former host of “American Idol” (nontelevised edition). His stories are syndicated in dozens of publications across four continents and frequently used as napkins, scrap paper, and toilet tissue. JR’s work has been honored with numerous actual awards as well as several he made up, such as “The Oopherton.” If you must know more, you can visit JR’s Web site at, where you’ll find him posing provocatively over oodles of interesting content.

  • Dr. Smartass

    DocDr. Stanley L. Dorkus, aka “Dr. Smartass,” has risen to great heights in the faux scientific community. He is credited with inventing the Spork and coining the phrase “a little dab’ll do ya,” though both those inventions were later stolen by his business partners. Dr. Dorkus holds a Ph.D. in applied cosmetology from the Milfus Institute as well as a certificate in Advanced Flirting from The Learning Annex. In addition to numerous academic honors, Dorkus has been practicing gynecology for more than 20 years. He hopes one day to obtain a medical degree so he can learn the names of all those pink bits.