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The TechList: 02.Jan.2010

Nexus phones make Android fans jolly, Chinese App Store sings ‘Goodbye Dalai’

By (@tynanwrites)

January 2, 2010

Kim Kardashian Twitter Whore1. Kim Kardashian. Sluteriffic celeb paid $10K per tweet to pitch burgers and Reeboks. For another $500 she’ll throw in a blow job.

2. Google. Big “Nexus phone” news coming next Tuesday. Arrington’s had to change his pants three times a day since he heard about it.

3. iSlate. As-yet-mythical Apple Tablet may be announced on January 26. There goes Arrington’s pants again.

4. Microsoft. May offer Xbox Live via Windows Mobile. No word yet whether MSFT will also offer Red Ringtones of Death.

5. TSA. Subpoenas travel bloggers who revealed secret security directives. Bloggers forced to wear pants for first time since 2007.

6. Lake Superior State U. Adds ‘tweet,’ ‘app,’ & ‘sexting’ to 2010 banned words list. We say that’s ridonkulous & they really need to chillax.


7. Apple. Boots Dalai Lama apps from Chinese iPhone store. Ironically, “devil with a human face” is how other tech firms describe Apple.

8. China. Government cracks down on Net porn. Apparently it was those “Tibetan Monks Gone Wild” videos that really cheesed them off.

9. AT&T. Tells FCC it’s time to pull the plug on landlines. For AT&T customers that would qualify as euthanasia.

10. The BVD Bomber. We understand it takes real balls to sew an incendiary device into your underwear. But not for long.

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