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The Dirty Dozen: 12 Preposterous Product Names

Care for a Portable Penetrator, or perhaps some Jussipussi with a scoop of CreaMass? Yeah…we couldn’t make this shit up if we tried.

By (@JRRaphael)

December 17, 2009

Honey, could you grab my Portable Penetrator, then come munch on my Jussipussi for a while? You can finish with the Squeez N Caulk later; the Hand Job gloves will wait. I have some Vergina in here.

The preceding paragraph, believe it or not, was not at all dirty — at least, not by design. You see, we tracked down 12 of the funniest (nonsexual) product names we could find. They’re all legit, and they’re all hilarious.

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The 12 Funniest Product Names

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1. The Portable Penetrator

I always carry one in my pants.

Funny Product Names: Portable Penetrator

2. Vergina Beer

It’s slightly bitter at first, but you get used to the taste.

Funny Product Names: Vergina Beer

3. Cock-Flavored Soup

High in sodium, but only five calories per teaspoon.

Funny Product Names: Cock-Flavored Soup Mix

4. Cock Fish Sauce

Goes great with the soup!

Funny Product Names: Cock Fish Sauce

5. CreaMass

Is it wrong to point out that guys frequently enjoy this in gym locker rooms?

Funny Product Names: CreaMass

6. Wack Off!

Careful; the spray can shoot pretty far.

Funny Product Names: Wack Off Insect Repellent

7. Jussipussi

Jussipussi…always finger-lickin’ good.

Funny Product Names: Jussipussi

8. Megapussi

Hey, sometimes Jussi alone isn’t enough.

Funny Product Names: Megapussi

9. Golden Gaytime

You just know there’s going to be a cream-filled center at the end.

Funny Product Names: Golden Gaytime

10. Squeez N Caulk

Try it by yourself or with a friend!

Funny Product Names: Squeez N Caulk

11. Hand Job gloves

For use with the Squeez N Caulk, of course.

Funny Product Names: Hand Job Gloves

12. Baldanis

Described as being “dry and rough to the taste.” Yeah, that seems about right.

Funny Product Names: Baldanis

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