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The TechList: 12.Dec.2009

Playgirl claims to have pix of Tiger’s bone, Arrington’s still hot for that Google phone

By (@tynanwrites)

December 12, 2009

norway swirling lights1. Norway. Strange blue lights swirl in sky as Obama gives Nobel speech. White House still awaiting arrival of three wise men.

2. UCSD. Researchers there say Americans consume 34GB of data a day. Subtract the porn, though, and we’re down to about 300K.

3. AT&T. Threatens bandwidth caps, per-megabyte data fees. Because the ‘A’ really stands for Assholes.

4. Seed. Aol!’s bot-driven news project assimilates NY Times staffer. Will the last human creating Web content please turn out the lights?

5. Tiger. Gets court to halt publication of nude pix. Not that there are any. No. Why on earth would you think that?

6. Playgirl. Has pix of Tiger’s wood; awaiting positive ID before posting. Now if they could only find someone who’s seen it

7. Arrington. Sues ass off Fusion Garage for ‘stealing’ CrunchPad. Not clear what he will do with Chandrasekar Rathakrishnan’s ass.

8. Arrington II. Calls Rathakrishnan ‘unsavory’ ‘deceitful’ & a ‘mess’. Strange how he wasn’t these things when they were still partners.

9. Google. Mythical gPhone spotted on Twitter; Arrington becomes fully engorged. Because we all know tweets, like hips, don’t lie.

10. Barnes & Noble. Reviewers crap all over Nook eBook. Still you gotta love anything whose name sounds like ‘Nookie Book’.

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