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The Techlist 21.Nov.2009

This week in tech: Putin goes a-shootin’, Guam man gets hitched to his Nintendo honey, Miss Universe goes around the world (and we don’t mean in a plane)

By (@tynanwrites)

November 21, 2009

putin with gun1. Russia. Puts kibosh on Modern Warfare 2‘s airport massacre scene. Turns out Putin owns exclusive rights to killing Russian civilians.

2. Twitter. ‘Suggested users’ killed by (un)popular demand. Thank God. Now maybe these people can find something else to whine about.

3. Unfriend. Word of the year, per Oxford dictionary. Sorry, but it can’t hold a candle to ‘Twhoring,’ ‘iBoner,’ and ‘Douchebaggery’.

4. Belle de Jour. Infamous courtesan actually UK cancer researcher. That explains why she was always spitting it into a test tube.

anya in hat

5. Miss Universe. More sex tapes from former beauty queens. This year the pageant plans to change its name to “Miss 2-Dolla-Ho 2010.”

6. Google Phone. Michael Arrington insists gPhone is real. That man can’t fart without releasing an unsubstantiated rumor.

7. Climate Research Unit. Hackers steal emails from UK climatologists. Can’t they just turn on the Weather Channel like everybody else?

8. Mickey D’s. Burger joint upgrades service & décor. Because asking “Souhaitez-vous des frites avec ça?” makes fries taste even better.

love plus gal

9. Love Plus. Guam man legally marries Nintendo DS avatar. We hear she was knocked up. Remember: Always put a condom on your stylus.

10. IBM. Builds supercomputer ‘brain’ as smart as a cat’s. The only problem? It has to sleep 23 hours a day.

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