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15 Stupid Tweets: #whatdoyoudo?

Fill-in-the-blanks hashtag games let bored Twitter users amuse themselves, but they can reveal more than you realize. Be afraid, be very afraid.

By (@tynanwrites)

November 20, 2009

twitter-birdIt’s time again for the Friday night hashtag game on Twitter.

You know the rules. Somebody proposes a completely inane hashtag — like #whatdoyoudo. Thousands of bored Twitter users fill in the blanks. Hilarity ensues. Also inanity, atrocious spelling, and some frightening glimpses into the lifestyles of Twitter users.

So without further ado, here’s #whatdoyoudo. Take it away, tweeps.

@ToFly2BOrdinary #whatdoyoudo when a fagot is tryin to bag yu . dey got hella rights so i can just fuck him up.

And after you’re in prison, we understand yu got hella rights in the showers, too.

@paintMEcheetah: #whatdoyoudo when yuhh walk in on yuhr mom watchin a pornoo ??

As long as she’s not in the pornoo, we think you’re probably OK.

@Greeleydavid #WhatDoYouDo when you’re watching “internet videos” and realize one of the “actors” is a close friend. Do you still finish the vid? Awkward

Depends on a) whether yuhr mom is one of the “actors” and b) whether you’ve already ‘finished,’ if you know what we mean.

@krystalkashflow #WhatDoYouDo WHEN YOU HEAR A VOICE THAT SAYS “KILL NOW” (via @GoGoGoddessChee)

Give them Glenn Beck’s address and money for a bus ticket.

@krystalkashflow #WhatDoYouDo if u find out Michael Jackson is ur father? (via @RutgersPrez)

Unless your mother is a 10-year-old boy, we think you’re probably safe.

@Treizeax7 #whatdoyoudo when the world finally creates “pack of pussy” (pussy in a box dat u buy in stores)

Hope they also start selling Penicillin in a Tub.

@budtoofrostxx #WHATDOYOUDO wen yu hav 2 gurls coming to da crib at da same time?

This is a problem?

@Amandaduah #whatdoyoudo if you were rushing to work and when you get there you just realized your NOT WEARING A BRA

This is a problem?

@BreeZCarter #whatdoyoudo when you don’t know whose the daddy of you kids

Take comfort in the fact that it’s probably not Michael Jackson.

@RutgersPrez #whatdoyoudo if u wake up and beyonce is ur girlfriend?

You roll over, cuz you’re still dreaming.

@RutgersPrez #whatdoyoudo if u wake up and flava flav is laying next to u?

Dude, we don’t know what you’re taking before you go to bed at night, but you’ve really got to cut back.

@sweetkid #whatdoyoudo when your chatting to your friend and notice pube a in theie teeth

Congratulate them on their flossing habits.

@Tylicious1 #whatdoyoudo when your girl tell u she’s 3 months pregger but u just got released from jail 8 weeks ago?

Sell the rights to your life story to ShowTime

@Shpreme #whatdoyoudo when u pick up a rock… only to find out its soft and browm

Pretend it’s just a Tootsie Roll. But, please, don’t eat it.

@ndpndntfilm #whatdoyoudo with a b.a. in english?

Umm… start a humor site for geeks?

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