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Most Influential Tweeters in the Twitterverse

We’ve discovered the quickest path to becoming a Twitter influencer: Create your own rating system for Twitter influencers.

By (@tynanwrites)

November 12, 2009

Quick, who’s the most influential tweeter on the planet? We’ll give you a hint. It isn’t Robert Scoble, Michael Arrington, Ashton Kutcher, or Oprah. It’s not Mashable, CNN, MC Hammer, or Guy Kawasaki. It isn’t The REAL_SHAQ or any number of fake Shaqs. And, no matter how many people she sleeps with, it still isn’t Julia Allison.

perez & pete headgear

No, the single most influential tweeter is that gossipy gadfly, Perez Hilton. With a total TweetLevel Influence rating of 86.5, the Power Poofta just edges out Mashable at 86.3.

For consolation, Mashable beats Missy P-Thang in both Popularity (95.2 to 92.6) and Trust (95.7 to 95.5) but totally sucked ass at Engagement (16.7 vs 82.1). Also, Hilton has it all over Mashable’s Pete Cashmore in the headgear department.

Where do all these phony-baloney numbers come from? Why Edelman PR, of course. They cooked up TweetLevel out of paper clips and cocaine bindles, then concocted the following formula in case anyone bothered to check their work:


Near as we can figure, TweetLevel is derived via a regression analysis using the first and last initials of the cast members of High School Musical IV, plus a bunch of letters they had left over after they lost at Scrabble, all divided by Zach Galifianakis.

(eSarcasm readers may remember Edelman as the PR firm that found itself in deep kim chee a few years back when it created a bunch of fake blogs — aka “flogs” — for its corporate client Wal-Mart, then hid under its bed for a week after it was outed by real bloggers. Yep, those guys. )

But it’s not just A-Listers who get ranked. Anybody can check their “TweetLevel.” (And for the record, ours is a semi-respectable 52. It would be higher, only Ashton never returns our DMs.)

By the same token, anyone can come up with their own rating system for Twitter. So naturally, we cooked up our own. We took into account the number of followers a person had, how frequently they tweeted, how annoying or banal their tweets were, whether they mentioned their cats, and of course, their babaliciousness. Here’s our top five:

esarcasm tweetlevel top five

See, being a social media expert isn’t so tough when you know how to cut and paste.

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