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Hi, I’m an Apple Fan, and I Reinforce Stereotypes

Diehard Apple fans are often portrayed as being rather elitist when it comes to their objects of affection. Want to know why?

By (@JRRaphael)

June 9, 2009

It’s always amusing to see a stereotype blatantly reinforced — and in the tech world, few stereotypes are stronger than that of the Apple fanboy.

Known for his fierce devotion to all things Apple, the fanboy will defend Jobs and co. under any circumstance. What makes the diehard Apple warrior unique from other fanboys (the Microsoft model, for example) is his often-present sense of entitlement: This particular fellow believes he is among an elite few who truly deserves the fruits of Apple’s factories.

Our illustration comes to us courtesy of Twitter, where these two tweets were sent shortly after Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone 3G S and other new products on Monday:

Apple Fanboy

Apple Fanboy

What are they going to do next — make the company public and let just any douchebag buy stock in it, too? Freakin’ amateurs.

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