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The TechList: 31.Oct.09

Facebook spammer’s wings get clipped; Wanted: Twitter girls with pouty lips

By (@tynanwrites)

October 31, 2009

megan fox pouty lips1. Facebook. Wins $711 million from notorious spammer. We could win a blowjob from Megan Fox & we’d still be more likely to collect.

2. Amazon. Introduces ‘payphrases’ as substitute for passwords. Sorry, but ‘suck on this’ isn’t available (Tina Fey got there first).

3. Microsoft. Family Guy not warm & fuzzy enuf for Win7 spokesjob. Their no. 2 choice: The guy who played ‘the Soup Nazi’ on Seinfeld.

4. Palm. iTunes synching broken yet again by Apple. Some people just love it when Daddy spanks them.

5. Twitter. Introduces “lists” feature. We’re still trying to fill out our Hot-chix-who-love-BJs list. Send your photos here.

Photo: RealSelf.com


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