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The TechList: 23.Oct.09

Burger King serves up Windows your way; iPhone fans must find new way to get laid

By (@tynanwrites)

October 23, 2009

bk_poster091014_011. Burger King Japan. Serving Win7 burgers w/ 7 beef patties for 777 yen; when the heart attack hits you’ll have 7 seconds to call 911. 

2. Tim Berners Lee. Web’s daddy joins Twitter generation. Five minutes later he deeply regrets inventing the Web in the first place.

3. Nigeria. Government arrests 18 online scammers. Wire $5000 to an offshore account & they’ll arrest the other 5 million.

4. Pepsi. Yanks ‘sexist’ iPhone app that helps men score. Now they’ll have to do it the old fashioned way: using lies & cocaine.

5. Craigslist. Judges tosses prostitution case, declares them not a hooker’s helper. Now Craig Newmark can finally get laid again.

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