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The TechList: 20.Oct.09

Verizon hopes Droid will knock the iPhone out, Yahoo gives us something to yodel about

By (@tynanwrites)

October 20, 2009

bartz yahoo stripper 21. Verizon. Droid ads list all the things iPhone can’t iDo; misses obvious marketing slogan: We may suck, but AT&T sucks harder.

2. Barnes & Noble. Says its “Nook” eReader can beat up your Kindle. If they’d called it the Nookie, we might consider it.

3. AT&T. Accuses Google of mistreating nuns. You know what they say: Once you’ve had a Sister it’s easy to get into the habit.

4. Apple. Unveils mess-o-new Macs 2 days before Microsoft’s big day. Guess they’re bringing turd brownies to our Windows 7 launch party.

5. Yahoo. Apologizes for hiring lap dancers for its Open Hack Day. Carol Bartz in a G-string? That’s taking “open” a bit too far.

Images: Fantasia Costumes, Yahoo

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