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5 of the World’s Strangest Cell Phones

A flute phone? A cigarette phone? Yeah — there are some weird mobile devices out there. These are five of the oddest we’ve seen.

By (@JRRaphael)

September 27, 2009

These days, it seems everyone’s searching for the coolest possible cell phone. Whether it’s the iPhone du jour or the latest still-ambiguous Android offering, techies love being wowed by pocket-sized communication contraptions.

Sometimes, though, that fascination can lead to some curious creations — things like our first odd device, the flute/phone combo.

1. The Flute Phone

NTT’s flute-cell phone prototype lets you play on your phone while concurrently playing on a woodwind. Practical, eh? The phone comes with a flute attachment that screws on so you can rock out, gently, to your heart’s content. Oh, and it also has a built-in blood test unit.

Flute Phone

Think we’re making this up? Prepare to be bedazzled (or, at the very least, befuddled):

2. The Wrist Phone

The LG-GD910, debuted at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show, has full 3G support to give you Bond-like style and connectivity. Its most intriguing feature, though, may be its integrated video/still camera: The front of the watch functions as an undetectable all-purpose lens. Just imagine the (potentially illegal and definitely salacious) possibilities.

The LG-GD910 also offers a 1.43-inch color LCD touchscreen, text-to-speech options, and a built-in MP3 player. Plus, it’s just over half an inch thick — a statement we hope you don’t hear uttered with any regularity.

Wrist Phone

3. The Microscope Phone

If the half-inch phrase has a painful ring of familiarity, this next product might be just what you need. The still-under-development microscope phone, as its name suggests, brings mobile communication into a real functioning microscope. Its super-suave appearance also simultaneously zaps away any seduction power you may have previously possessed.

Microscope Phone

4. The Belt Phone

In a slightly more practical but no less bizarre option, the NEC belt phone puts the power — well, right above your package. The cell phone is actually built into a real leather belt, which raises the question of what the hell you do when it rings. Better start taking yoga now.

Belt Phone

5. The Cigarette Phone

If the very thought of that exercise has you breathless and sweaty, maybe the cigarette cell phone from Hong Kong is more your speed. The phone, called the Wang XYW 3838 (seriously), looks like a pack of cigarettes and even holds real smokes inside. Here’s hoping they at least offer a discount for kids.

Cigarette Phone

And One Bonus Idea

Find something you like in this eclectic mix? If not, don’t worry — mobile technology is always evolving. Personally, I’m holding out for the boxer shorts cell phone. Now, this thing could come in handy on a date.

Boxers Phone

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