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The Windows Mobile Song

A lament for the owners of WinMo smartphones, voluntary or otherwise, sung to the tune of The Who’s “Goin’ Mobile.” May Pete Townshend have mercy on our souls.

By (@tynanwrites)

October 19, 2009

windows mobile phone not allowedGot a smart phone
It’s a real crappy phone
It’s Windows Mobile

It’s not one that I would choose
But the boss says gotta use
Windows Mobile
To get my email

I can open a Word doc
I can edit Excel files
In Windows Mobile

There’s some pix I want to shoot
But first I must reboot
Windows Mobile
Takes three minutes

Out in the woods
Or in the city
The reception’s just as shitty
No matter where I am
I’m out of range
With Windows Mobile

I bought some new ringtones
But I can’t find them again
In Windows Mobile
windows mobile commercial

I want new apps
But there ain’t nothin’ but crap
For Windows Mobile
Someone shoot me

No Win Mobile
Give me The Droid
Screw 6.5
I’ll even take the Pixi
No Mo’ WinMo
Windows Mobile yeaaaachh

No Mo No Mo No Mo No Mo…. etc.

[Extended guitar break, Townshend does a few windmills, Daltry swings the mike ]

I really want an iPhone
But I can’t afford the charges
There’s no solution
That MSN widget’s stalking me
That’s Windows Mobile


And now, for the original:

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