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The TechList: 17.Oct.09

Six year old’s balloon journey full of hot air; Microsoft taps cartoons to sell its wares

By (@tynanwrites)

October 17, 2009

balloon boy windows 71. Balloon boy. Captivates a nation through a tale of fear, farting and fraud. You just know he’ll grow up to be a Wall Street banker.

2. Larry Ellison. Offering $10 million prize if apps don’t run 2X as fast on Sun servers. Second prize: You get to be his 5th wife.

3. Retrevo. Says 36% of Twitter users tweet after sex. The rest? During sex — but only if it lasts longer than 140 characters.

4. Twitter. Launching its own wine label. Because if you’re not planning to make any money, you might as well get drunk.

5. Family Guy. Cartoon family to flog Windows 7. Guess Microsoft ran out of humans willing to stoop that low.

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