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TweetMyMoney: Banking Meets Twitter

Ready to manage your money through an insecure and unreliable platform? Look no further: A Missouri credit union has just launched the world’s first Twitter-based banking service. Yes, really.

By (@JRRaphael)

September 29, 2009

TweetMyMoney: Twitter BankingFrom the Unnecessary Uses of Social Media Department: Want to do your banking in a completely insecure environment? Want to expose your financial details to the masses? Then a Midwestern credit union has just the option for you!

Vantage Credit Union, a financial institution from St. Louis, has announced a new Twitter-based banking service called TweetMyMoney — no joke. The credit union describes the program as a “first of its kind banking solution via Twitter.” (Gee, we wonder why no one’s tried this before.)

Once you sign up for TweetMyMoney, you can access sorts of account info and even move money around right through Twitter. All you do is send a direct message to @myvcu, which boasts a whopping 109 followers as of this publication. You include a clever instruction such as #bal (balance) or #tran (transfer), and @myvcu will make your wish its command.

That’s right, kiddos. With this groundbreaking new service, you can …

Check Become dependent on an unreliable solution for your financial needs! Just wait till you get used to banking by Twitter and then experience your first fail whale. The thrill is unmatchable!

Check Get your account information AND an invitation to join @myvcu’s mafia family at the same time!

Check Trust your most personal financial details to a Web service known for security breaches!

Check Incorporate obnoxious abbreviations into your daily banking needs! Sample: “@DipshitCustomer thx for asking 4 ur current $ balance! U have $2434.12. If u want 2 get more info, tweet back “#im_a_moron” asap! LOL!”

Banking on TwitterAnd, if all of this isn’t enough, you can even get a joke of the day by using the exclusive TweetMyMoney #giggle command!*

Why conduct your banking business directly through your financial institution — online, on the phone, or even via text messaging — when you can instead rely on an insecure third-party platform?

Try Vantage Credit Union’s TweetMyMoney today, and get ready for its next cutting-edge money management solution: Banking by Classmates.com.* Simply respond to any of the thousand Classmates.com e-mails in your spam folder with a banking request, and they’ll route it over for immediate processing!

*Okay, we made up the #giggle command and the Banking by Classmates.com bit. But the rest of this is 100% true.

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