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Say it Loud: We’re Twits and We’re Proud

It seems Twitter users are proud of many things — like their inability to spell, Klingon tattoos, and their lack of STDs. Here are 20 “iamproudof” boasts with the most.

By (@tynanwrites)

July 6, 2010

twitter_bird_deadYes, it’s another obnoxious Twitter meme comin’ at ya. Using the hashtag #iamproudof, thousands of Twitter fans now regularly broadcast their greatest achievements to the world. And by “greatest,” we mean hopelessly boring, smarmy, sleazy, or a just little bit frightening.

You know what they say: Pride goeth before a fall. Here then are 20 tweets selected from the thousands of things the Twitterati say they’re proud of. Lord help us all.

@NijiaT #iamproudof my hubby for treating me like the queen I am…**blushing***

Hate to tell you this Nijia, but we saw your husband out on the town last night and, well, he’s a bit of a queen himself.

@TasteLykKandi #iamproudof Who I am. The potential I own, and what I will become from it.

We only lease our potential. That way we don’t lose anything when it depreciates.

@rlconine2 @bungietweets: Xbox LIVE members can grab a free #ODST dashboard theme available now on marketplace!#iamproudof myself because i knoe …

But not as proud as you are of your speling.


@DJAceBoogie #iAmProudOf Flavor Flav for doing us all the favor of retiring “Flavor of Love”!

Fo shizzle ma nizzle.

@couturecutie23 #iamproudof stayin awake n every class n actually learning something today

Wow, managing to stay awake in class. That IS something to be proud of.

@_Texas_Rebel #iamproudof myself…i love myself

But hopefully not in public.

oompa-loompa willy wonka the original

@oompa_3 #iamproudof my fellow oompas

Yes, but what about the Loompas? Won’t somebody please think of the Loompas?

@ladymakaveli404 #iamproudof ME TRICKIN DESE NIGGAZ ROUND….

Fo shizzle ma… wait, didn’t we already say that?

@baddestguyTjohn #iamproudof my fam for getting out the house and were all doing it on our own. Next step, that baller status. Last ones a rotten egg! Really

We see you’re also proud of your Tourettes.

@Deshawn124 #iamproudof never catching an STD… can you say the same?

Uh, thanks for sharing, Deshawn. Can you be our wingman?

@xoMzExotic #iamproudof the fact that I hadn’t been arrested for domestic violence…lol..

xoMz, meet Deshawn. We think you’ll be very happy together.


@MrMoneyMike: #iamproudof myself because I Have Not Had A Real Job Since 03!— Change tht to the 90s hahaha

So you’re essentially a tick sucking on the throbbing engorged veins of society. Very nice.

@itsPSOnow #iamproudof @SosaNYC for being ranked in the top 10% of people playing Guitar Hero/ Rock Band in the world!

itsPSO, meet MrMoneyMike. It seems like you both have a lot of time on your hands.

@heartniley #iamproudof myself for actually wearing my glasses for doing my coursework

Turns out those little black squiggles on the paper are actually words. Who knew?

@AxChErRy #iamproudof myself for gettin swine flu AND spreading it… :|

Remind us to wear a body condom next time we see you.

klingon star trek

@scifigal #iamproudof my Klingon tattoo

It will be our pleasure to kill you now, pa-TAHK!

@KristianBalkin #iamproudof my hands for being warm for over 10 minutes now.

Come on, now, don’t set your goals so low. Go for 20 minutes! We know you can do it.

@ShanHA05 #iamproudof every young person doing something productive with their lives

As opposed to wasting all your time on Twitter making fun of people. Oh wait, sorry, that’s us.

@Areg_ #iamproudof being alive

Are you sure? Has anyone taken your pulse lately?

@EatingMangoes #iamproudof Glenn Beck for being able to get up and every day and serve his country, while being addicted to meth.

Hey, if we can do it, so can he.

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