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The Truth About Tech, Sex, and Love

Technology is changing the way we love, lust, and even thrust. Dr. Smartass checks out two saucy new studies to see how our attitudes (and assitudes) are shifting.

By (@doctorsmartass)

March 15, 2010

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Dr. SmartassLately, my virtual patients have been talking a lot about tech and how it’s changing the dating game. No longer do you go on a first date without knowing a person’s full history (and possibly her pubic grooming style); no longer do you have to be 18 to get your hands on piles of porn. Heck, these days, you don’t even have to leave the house to find a hottie willing to hum on your hardware.

Your dear Dr. Smartass has received plenty of questions about what technology’s doing to our habits and how extreme of a change it actually is. According to the always-wise Mrs. S, the change is mainly in that extra hour of “online research” yours truly now conducts before bed every night — but for many people, the shift is less masturbationary and more revolutionary.

To answer your burning questions (and divert you from your burning sensations), I turned to three fine publications currently conducting research in the area: Smith Magazine, PBS Frontline, and Playboy. We’ll get to Playboy in a moment, but first, Smith and Frontline are in the midst of a project called “Six Words to a Digital Life.” They’re asking people to send in stories about how digital technology has changed their lives, using only six words.

Some of the submissions suggest tech is helping us find love:

“Found on craigslist.com: table, apartment, husband.”

Others illustrate its value for lust:

“Facebook is fast becoming my pimp.”
“Many strangers have seen my breasts.”

Some submissions show how tech can ease the burden of being into sex with donkeys:

“Learned, relatively, I’m not a pervert.”Technology and Sex

Others yet show how it can sometimes ruin a good thing:

“I have even Twittered during sex.”
“I sleep with my iPhone.”
“15 years old, bored with porn.”

(Your virtual doc feels the need to point out that, regardless of his age, he will never get bored with porn. Also, the pet donkey outside the Smartass home is there strictly for transportation.)

For more of an overall picture — and also some pleasant nudie pictures — we turn to the good gang at Playboy, everyone’s favorite place to “read the articles.” Playboy just wrapped up its annual college sex poll, which sheds some interesting light onto the tech-affected sex habits within the halls of higher education. The highlights:

• 49% of students say they’ve taken part in sexting.

Here’s hoping their phones had liquid-damage protection.

• 29% say they’ve viewed porn on a laptop while in class.

Probably less suspicious than when Dr. S used to browse through Hugs n’ Jugs during lectures.

• 25% say they’ve used the Net to meet a hookup.

Roughly half of them discovered the “horny 19-year-old blonde” was a 300-pound hairy man.

• 26% say they’ve used a Webcam for sex.

No word on whether they were chatting or just physically inserting it somewhere.


  When pleasuring yourself while at your work desk,
  It’s all too easy to make quite the mess.
  Whatever device you may place near your thighs,
  For the love of God, when you’re done, sanitize.

Until next time,

Dr. Smartass

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