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The Earth Is Ending, Says Alien-Communicating UFO Prophet

We’re all about to die, according to a self-proclaimed “UFO prophet.” It has to be true — he even put out a press release.

By (@JRRaphael)

September 15, 2009

End of the WorldConsider yourself warned: The Earth may come to an end here in about two years. That’s what a “UFO prophet” who’s been communicating with aliens since the 40s says, anyway.

The wackjob phophet, a fellow by the name of Billy Meier, put out a press release this week detailing the upcoming death and destruction of all mankind. (What — isn’t that what you would do in that situation?) In the release, Meier states that “coming environmental destruction” will lead to “devastating events” in the year 2012.

Given Mr. Meier’s qualifications, it’s tough not to believe him. As this oddly disjointed sentence kinda-sorta explains:

“Meier, who claims that his still ongoing contacts with, and information from, Plejaren extraterrestrials began in 1942 at age five, published his initial warnings about the coming dangers of global warming in 1958.”

Just so you know who we’re talking about here, the aforementioned Plejaren providing all the info is a creature called Plejaren Ptaah. Ptaah is 770 Earth years old. He’s the commander of the Pleiadian/Plejaren spacecraft fleet and holds the ranking of Jschwjsch. He also has two daughters, Semjase and Pleija, and a son named Jucata. (Think we’re making this up?)

So, anyhoozles, a cataclysm will be killing us all shortly. Please take the proper precautions. Oh, and if you do manage to survive, consider buying one of Billy Meier’s many books and DVDs, all available for purchase on the Web site conveniently provided within his notice of our pending demise.

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