Rants In Our Pants

The TechList: 08.Sept.09

Apple frenzy reaches new hypes, Arrington airs his ethics gripes?

By (@tynanwrites)

September 8, 2009

michael-arrington-twitter1. Facebook. Makes you smarter, per UK researchers, who add that Twitter has the opposite effect. Suck on that, @GuyKawasaki.

2. Apple. One more day until the Magical Mystery Event. If we all hold hands and chant, Steve Jobs might levitate & float across the room.

3. Michael Arrington.
Lectures New York Times on ethics. Again. Kind of like getting marital advice from Jon and Kate Gosselin.

4. Psystar. Undaunted by Apple law suits, will sell machines with Snow Leopard OS. Sounds like they’re also getting advice from Arrington.

5. Obama. Speech to kids praises Google & Apple, disses Xbox. So much for that board seat in Redmond after he leaves office.

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