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The TechList: 04.Sept.09

Amazon wants Kindle users to get off its ass, Microsoft wants you to party your ass off

By (@tynanwrites)

September 4, 2009

ballmer ass1. AT&T. Finally bestows multimedia messaging upon iPhone. A grateful fanboy nation celebrates by sharing pictures of each others’ butts.

2. Amazon. Slams Google for monopolistic practices in digital book market. May undergo treatment for extreme irony deficiency.

3. Amazon II. Finally restores Orwell books deleted from Kindles. See? It was a good idea to strap a rat cage to Jeff Bezos’s face.

4. Apple Store. Thieves clean out New Jersey shop in 31 secs. Then they stopped at a Microsoft store to pick up something for grandma.

5. Microsoft. Wants people to plan parties for the Windows 7 launch. OK, but only if we can play pin the tail on Ballmer.

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