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The TechList: 01.Sept.09

eBay finally dumps skype, Apple revs up the hype

By (@tynanwrites)

September 1, 2009

porn-brain1. eBay. Finally hangs up on Skype, losing $1 billion. Seems like a lot of money to spend just to make anonymous prank calls.

2. Wikipedia. Will start color coding the more dubious entries. Also plans to change name to Electric Kool-Aid Acid Encyclopedia.

3. Apple. Sept 9 special event to feature clowns, balloon animals, & Steve Jobs belching the lyrics to side 2 of Abbey Road. Or so we’ve heard.

4. Gfail. Google email service goes down, angry users flock to Twitter to complain. So… this is different how, exactly?

5. Tetris. Playing it thickens the brain stem. We find the same effect when surfing porn, only with the other brain stem.

Image: Porn Brain.

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