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Hump Day Hottie: Liskula Cohen

Ah Liskula. We curse the skunk who called you ‘skank.’

By (@tynanwrites)

August 19, 2009

young liskula cohen toplessYou know what they say, one man’s skank is another man’s cuddle bunny. And so it is with this week’s Hump Day Hottie, cheekbone-rich former cover girl Liskula Cohen. Sure, that photo is a few decades years old, and Liskula’s had her ups and downs. But compared to your average 47 40 37-year-old — even your average 37-year-old former supermodel who had an unfortunate encounter with a doorman and a bottle of Stolichnaya — Liskula’s still got plenty of game. As her recent court battles attest, she’s a woman who stands up for herself, which we admire. Just remember: You do not want to fuck with Liskula, because if you do she will send attorneys so far up your anus you’ll be tasting Armani. We wouldn’t dream of it.

Photo: The Many Faces of Spaces

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29 responses to “Hump Day Hottie: Liskula Cohen”

  1. Name says:

    Very Funny Dan and I do mean that sincerely. You've lightened my day….just goes to show how the internet and bloggers can really screw things up. You might want to reconsider the photo though as this girl is not Liskula.
    How do I know? Liskula is my daughter and this young lady is not her.

  2. lc says:

    Quotea from “Skanks in NYC” “I would have to say that the first place award for “Skankiest in NYC” would have to go to Liskula Gentile Cohen. How old is this skank? 40 something? She’s a psychotic, lying, whoring, still going to clubs at her age, skank.”Official Blog: Skanks in NYC—Anonymous blogger

    “Yeah she may have been hot 10 years ago, but is it really attractive to watch this old hag straddle dudes in a nightclub or lounge? Desperation seeps from her soul, if she even has one.”Official Blog: Skanks in NYC—Anonymous blogger

  3. liskula says:

    My mother is an amazing beauty, from the inside out. And without her support I would have not been able to stand all of this. But she has always been there for me, and I love her to no end. I pray that every woman and man can have a relationship with their mothers and fathers as I do with mine. That would probably curb most of these nasty blogs. At the end of the day it is clear that love is what these people are missing. I can't imagine that any mother would be proud of a son or daughter that calls home to say “I just wrote a bunch of horrible stuff about someone on a web site today, and how are you Mom? “

  4. Sedate Me says:

    That poor girl! Somebody said something unpleasant about her. How will she go on? How will she be able to leave her ritzy NY apartment and go earn vast sums of money by walking around in expensive clothes? The horror! The horror!

    This lawsuit has got to be one of the most wasteful uses of the legal system ever. Probably no more than 10 people read the comments (before the lawsuit), and we are to believe that this “damage to her reputation” merits the erosion of on-line anonymity and Free Speech? And how “defamatory” is it to call a 37 year old model an “ageing skank”? In modelling, 37 might as well be 77. The business is so skanky, it makes porn look upstanding and models have more drugs in their system than pro-athletes.

    “Ageing skank” is about as defamatory as “lying politician”.

    • mynameisnick says:

      [editor’s note: this comment has been flagged for violating our rules on excessive potty-mouthing and atrocious spelling. we’ve published an expurgated version below.]

      well i agree with you there sedate me. first off all who the BLEEP cares if someone doesnt like you and says your an aging BLEEP. guess what liskula or whatever your name is. your an aging BLEEP. now go cry and cut your self and try to sue people for their opinions. hey its the american way right. your a stupid BLEEP if you try to sue someone for their opinion because its “defamitory” that alone has to be the most self centered, ignorant, and egotistical word i have ever heard. how bout this liskula. if your so woried about people saying mean things on the internet, then quit the model job or whatever the BLEEP your BLEEPY ass was doing and let them “defamitise” you back to normality then get a normal job like everyone else you BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP. if i knew someone that lived nearby me that tried to take a lawsuit out on another anonymos person for speaking their mind on the web, i would [PSYCHO MATERIAL DELETED] oh yea and your a BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP and everyone else can suck my BLEEP…. now sue me you old BLEEP BLEEP.

    • John323 says:

      Fuad Kamal of Anaara Media and Lee Baker of CMLP are now an item. Lee Baker left law school to work for Fuad and says it's the smartest move he ever made! Lee Baker is a self-proclaimed gay and in love with Fuad Kamal. I say that makes a family and if they want to adopt, good for them!

  5. liskula says:

    Well it is nice to see that people still like to live in ignorant little worlds they make up in their heads. Sedate me… what is your occupation of choice? And what makes you an expert on the fashion industry? Just so you know 30-40 year old models make up about 90 percent of all of the commercials you watch on tv, that use models, and most of the catalogs that are in your mailbox. Who do you think they use to sell creams, beauty products to older women…. smarten up. And FYI the blog was viewed by enough people that it needed to be taken down. I only started the discovery process after my client informed me of it. And yes it had a huge affect on my job. Sorry the fashion industry holds no interest to you, but it does for many. And if you would like you can come to NYC and test me and all of my model friends for any drugs, or all drugs (at your expense of course) so you can see that we are all completely drug free. The models that are not drug free don't usually have 20 year long careers. But I suppose you need to be a genius to figure that out…

    • dantynan says:

      if you ladies are planning to get into a screaming hair pulling cat fight, please let us know so we can watch.

      or, if you would prefer to mud wrestle, we'll happily supply the mud.



  6. Don says:

    [Comment deleted]

  7. anonymous says:

    I have met liskula numerous times. she is a nice girl, and not a skank in the slightest. she is just honest, and under attack for no reason. She had every reason to sue for defamation. and all you others are probably jealous. get over it and go start another bitchy blog about a beautiful women you are jealous of.

    • dantynan says:

      it's true, we are totally jealous. we're dying for somebody to call us a skank, so we can sue their asses and get tons of free publicity. anyone? anyone at all?

  8. Jackson says:

    Today is Thanksgiving and Lee Baker of CMLP is eating cock!

  9. Liskula Rulz! says:

    So according to this jerks post Liskula should change her job if the defamation effected her or her job? What an idiot. Sounds jealous to me.

  10. Someone Who doesn't care says:

    You all are missing an obvious observation here. Instead of it being her or not or whatever….notice that you can see her nipple on her left breast in this pic. :)

  11. dantynan says:

    Hot damn, you're right. And I thought that was just a smudge on my screen. No wonder the Windex wasn't working.

  12. johnj says:

    I think this is disgusting posting this trash about Liskula Cohen when the real villain in this case is Lee Baker of CMLP and other egostistical monsters like him! Lee Baker of CMLP is a foreign law student who has humped so many Harvard Law School professors that he stopped counting! You would be surprised how many of his profs swing both ways, and many of them are in long-term marriages. Lee Baker is not shy about courting profs to hike his grade average to the point where he gets a cushy job on Wall Street for a major law firm. I thought it was about time he was exposed as the low-life scum he really is. I can't stand people who sleep their way to the top — gay or straight. Lee Baker is one despicable dirtbag!

  13. Joel says:

    Don't worry about Lee Baker of CMLP finding a job now that he has flunked out of Harvard. He found a job with Anaara Media in Maryland, right outside Washington, D.C. The CEO of Anaara Media who hired Lee is a flaming gay man named Fuad Kamal. Now that Lee has found “honorable” employment, we hope he will realize his place as a janitor and cocksucker par excellance with Anaara Media. We hear that his boss Fuad Kamal has a really diminutive male member so Lee should have no trouble taking his member and balls in his mouth at the same time. Congrats, Lee Baker! You have found your niche in the world at last!

  14. johnm says:

    Lee Baker is a vicious little [CENSORED]! No one knows if Lee is actually male or female because he/she is either a very [CENSORED] or a [CENSORED!] Lee Baker is a Canadian [CENSORED] who landed at Yale because her Harvard Law School professor (she met him in a [CENSORED] bar) keeps her as his [CENSORED!] Lee Baker was actually born a [CENSORED] and possesses rudimentary male and female [CENSORED]. That is why he/she has both [CENSORED] and [CENSORED] characteristics. I hadn't heard that Lee Baker found a job after leaving Harvard Law School. This Fuad Kamal character must reallly like [CENSORED] because Lee Baker is seriously [CENSORED], both physically and mentally! Whatever turns you on, Fuad Kamal!

    [comment edited for language and legal issues. we like it better this way anyway.]

    • dantynan says:

      dude. you're not fooling anybody. we all know that a) “don” “john” “joel” etc are all you, and b) you're got a raging hardon for Lee Baker and/or Fuad Kamal. go on, tell him/her/it how you really feel, before one of them sues your ass for slander.

  15. JonathanB says:

    [Comment deleted]