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PR Tip #27: Don’t Quote Christ In Your Press Release

Does quoting Jesus Christ as having recommended your product count as blasphemy?

By (@JRRaphael)

August 18, 2009

Jesus ApprovedSometimes, a press release comes our way that leaves us simply scratching our heads. Such is the case with this gem, sent out by an organization selling a book called A Course in Miracles:

A Rare Interview with Jesus Christ Himself In ‘A Course In Miracles’

In a private miracle healing session held today in Wisconsin Dells, WI, illuminate Course In Miracles teacher Clare Lamanna opened the meeting by entering into a silent dialogue with Jesus Christ.

Jesus reiterated his admonition to miracle workers to remain completely unconcerned about their abilities, and maintain a consistent trust in his. He recommended a re-reading by every Christian of his answer in the manual for teachers of A Course In Miracles.

What’s not clear is whether Mr. C’s recommending the hard cover edition ($12.98 plus shipping & handling) or the two-disc DVD set ($19.95 plus shipping & handling). He really ought to be more clear when endorsing products online.

Either way, one thing’s clear: We need to get some more impressive testimonials for eSarcasm. Wonder if Jim Morrison’s available.

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