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The TechList: 14.Aug.09

Courts give Hollywood a lift; Britney comes baring gifts

By (@tynanwrites)

August 14, 2009

britney-spears-toilet1. Hollywood. Dictates what you can do with your own DVDs. Next, the toilet paper cartel will tell you when & how to wipe your ass.

2. Marc Andreessen. Backs ‘RockMelt’ browser, causing blog frenzy. Then eats TunaMelt sandwich, causing fish frenzy.

3. Twitter. 40% “pointless babble” per a study by Pear Analytics. The rest? Endless tweets from @Guykawasaki.

4. Apple. ‘Cocktail’ album covers to ‘revolutionize’ digital music on iPod. Also: New packaging to be made from blotter acid. 

5. Britney. Hawking virtual gifts on Facebook for $2 per. Ironically, that’s what she charged for handjobs as a Mouseketeer.

Photo of Britney on the potty found at Staralicious.

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