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21 Stupid Things People Are Tweeting About Facebook+Friendfeed

Now that Facebook bought Friendfeed, everybody and their dog has to tweet about it. Our conclusion? We’d rather listen to the dogs.

By (@eSarcasm)

August 10, 2009

friendface logoA friend that feeds is a friend indeed. And now that Facebook has indeed purchased Friendfeed, the Web as we know it has profoundly changed.

How do we know this? The same way we know about everything – we read about it on Twitter. In fact, that’s all people on Twitter are talking right now, or at least it seems that way. We combed through literally thousands of tweets (well, a few hundred, but it felt like thousands) to find out how the world’s Twits felt about the news.

Here’s a little slice of the tweet life:

@ghovnanian: Facebook buying FriendFeed is a big deal. Anyone find good coverage on this?

Nope, not us. You?

@bradkay: Hold on…let me guess. Facebook acquired FriendFeed.

You, sir, must have ESPN. How’d you guess?

@djxplosive: Wonder if the facebook/friendfeed hype is the reason twitter’s trending topics mysteriously aren’t working. Twitter scared?

That must be it. Also, those little blue goblins that live under your bed? They’re hungry.

@Jjaime: Now that Facebook Acquires FriendFeed we will have Friend Face

Thanks Jjaime, we hadn’t thought of that one. Not much gets past you, we can tell.

@Outsanity: @facebook + @friendfeed = @facefeed or@friendbook

Amazingly, only 347,865 other people thought of that one. And Jjaime, of course.

@Swanepoel: TECHNOLOGY NEWSFLASH: Facebook Acquires FriendFeed

TECHNOLOGY NEWSFLASH! It’s not a newsflash when you tweet it out 90 minutes after the rest of the world has already found out. NICE USE OF ALL CAPS, THOUGH!

@Uosdwis: Speaking of seismic events, I guess FriendFeed being gobbled up by Facebook is, somehow.

Facebook acquires smaller competitor = major earthquakes in India. Right. Don’t get out much, do you Uosdwis?

@anigupta: facebook swallows friendfeed..hmmm…

Because real friends swallow. [rimshot] Thank you, we’ll be here all week.

@leroncier: Facebook Acquires FriendFeed. Et merde.

Est vrai! Mon dieu! Mon oncle est mange le chat! And that’s all the high school French we can remember. Can’t you just say ‘shit’  like a normal Merkin?

@thecrazyjogger WTF. Who bought Friendfeed again? Damn :(

If you strap your medication to your wrist with velcro you won’t lose it so often. Just a tip.

@davemcclur:e How the FUCK does Google let Facebook acquire FriendFeed for any amt of $? GOOGLE U R A BIG FUCKING LOSER. Absolute #FAIL.

Uh oh, looks like Dave found your medication.

@gmc4jesus: Friendfeed people will like Getting To Know Jesus – Learning and Applying the POWER of CHRIST in Your Life.

So everyone at Friendfeed is going to be killed? Talk about your tough acquisition terms. Those guys at Facebook do not fuck around.

@chrisavery: FB’s twitter-envy taken to new extremes!

Also, Friendfeed’s penis is bigger. Not that size matters.

@beersage: Facebook acquiring Friendfeed has more ramifications on what the web could’ve been than one can even fathom.

Whoa dude, it’s like the whole solar system is an enormous atom, and the planets are really just electrons.

@gruber: Facebook is a good match for FriendFeed, insofar as I’ve never understood why I’d want to use either of them.

Talking about them on Twitter, however, is one of your deepest interests.

@basilc: I’ve never heard of FriendFeed. It makes me think of pet bears though.

And that time dad forgot me at the zoo and I had to sleep in the marsupials exhibit. Remember?

@ciprimoloci: FriendFeed Office Deserted: Whole Team Already at Facebook

Then again, maybe they’re just drunk off their asses and puking in the bathroom. Because that’s what we’d be doing right now.

@iamkhayyam louisgray.com: Hi Facebook, It’s Me, FriendFeed. This Relationship? It’s Complicated.

Also: That cute little mole you found on my penis? It’s not really a mole. Call me.

@loic: the real question now is what will @scobleizer become that Friendfeed will melt into Facebook :P

Scoble will do what Scoble usually does: Eat himself into a Twinkie-induced coma.

@Scobleizer Yo @loic even if FriendFeed disappears I have lots of friends on Twitter and Facebook and my blog. Seesmic will play bigger role in my life!

But not as big a role as Oreo cookies and Hostess Ho-Ho’s.

@mashable: FriendFeed Users Outraged by Facebook Acquisition

Because it’s been at least six hours since they’ve been outraged about something, and they’re overdue.

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