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The TechList: 07.Aug.09

Twitter goes down to defeat, Yahoo is all about the meat

By (@tynanwrites)

August 7, 2009

yahoo manwiches1. Twitter. So now we know: Piss off the Russians and the whole service goes titsup. Das Vadanya, motherfuckers.

2. Microsoft. Win7 upgrade chart only slightly less complicated than the DaVinci Code. Because using Windows just isn’t painful enough.

3. Sony. Releases new ebook gizmos to compete with Kindle. Why should Amazon have all the fun making ebooks disappear?

4. Internet Explorer 6. The source of all Web evil, say some. When IE6’s bloated corpse washes up on shore, we’ll know who to finger.

5. Yahoo. “Has never been a search company,” says CEO Carol Bartz. Right. Also: A manwich has never been a sandwich.

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