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The TechList: 04.Aug.09

RadioShack changes its name, NBA’s Madsen gets gamed

By (@tynanwrites)

August 4, 2009

glenn_beck tin foil hat1. RadioShack. Drops “Radio,” now just The Shack. Sorry gramps. Change names & pump up on Viagra; you’re still an old fart at heart.

2. Eric Schmidt. Jumps/gets pushed off Apple’s board. Bet he’ll miss that ‘friends with benefits’ thing he had going with Steve Jobs.

3. Melissa Hathaway. Obama cybersecurity czar quits. Apparently she refused to wear a fuzzy hat and address everyone as “comrade.”

4. Mark Madsen. San Diego Clipper buys P2P.com for $110K from domain thief. Can’t he blow his money on drugs like a normal NBA player?

5. Glenn Beck. Uncovers evil Obama plot to take over PCs via Cars.gov. Also: Aliens are invading from Uranus. Or maybe just his.

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