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The TechList: 20.05.09

Palm Pre makes a splash, GPS system set to crash

By (@tynanwrites)

May 20, 2009

1. Palm Pre. Smartphone to finally debut on June 6. Since ‘Jesus Phone’ is already taken, how about ‘Moses Mobile’?

2. Craigslist. CEO Buckmaster demands apology from South Carolina AG re prostitution charges. Think he’d settle for a hand job?

3. Dolla. Hip Hopper signs up for Twitter, sends two tweets, gets murdered. Guess that makes us a day late and a Dolla short.

4. GPS system. Could fail next year, forcing us to stalk people the old-fashioned way: by following them in unmarked cars.

5. The Hubble. Astronauts finish fixing aging ‘scope. Because when something’s 350 miles up you can’t just jiggle the handle.

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