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Too Hot For Buses: Mature Game Ads Banned In Chicago

Chicago has banned mature game ads from its buses, saying their images are too racy to be allowed. Excuse me, driver — does this line make a stop on Double Standards Avenue?

By (@JRRaphael)

July 23, 2009

Chicago Video Game Ad BanJill Valentine must be pissed.

The smokin’, gun-totin’ babe from Resident Evil has been banned, you see, from Chicago’s buses. Well, indirectly, anyway: The city’s Transit Authority put the kibosh on all ads for “mature” or “adult-rated” video games on its buses and trains. Apparently, computer-generated images of hot sluts with weapons may scar our nation’s teens (even though actual photographs of the same are okay).

Rest assured, the disparity isn’t going unnoticed. The Entertainment Software Association, a video game trade organization, has just announced it’s suing the Chicago Transit Authority over its real-life ban of virtual naughtiness. The group calls the city’s ruling a “clear violation of constitutional rights,” noting that ads for the movie versions of the Resident Evil game would be perfectly permissible by bus advertising standards.

The Chicago Transit Authority Ad Policy: A Visual Explanation

The Chicago Transit Authority Ad Policy: A Visual Explanation

So what’s the city’s rationalization? The Transit Authority “does not allow ads for alcohol or tobacco products,” a spokesperson says, and believes “this ordinance is consistent with that long-standing policy.” Despite the backlash, some commuters agree.

“It’s filth,” a homeless guy who identified himself only as Jesus says. “Whisker shibby, gobble gobble,” he added, stamping out his cigarette and taking a swig from a brown paper bag while boarding the Hyde Park Express.

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