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The TechList: 21.July.09

Yahoo tarts up like a whore; astronauts can’t go where man has gone before

By (@tynanwrites)

July 21, 2009

amazon's big brother deletes 19841. Amazon. Purges 1984 & Animal Farm from customers’ Kindles. And if you complain, they’ll strap the rat cage to your face.

2. Yahoo. Debuts new home page (again). Go ahead and tart yourself up, girlfriend; Microsoft still just wants you for your ads.

3. Bing. Offers $500 prize for “bingles” extolling search engine. Because even Microsoft has realized it sucks at nearly everything.

4. Space Station. 13 astronauts, two busted toilets. Somehow, exploring the ‘final frontier’ doesn’t seem so sexy any more.

5. Jupiter. Scientists discover new ‘blemish’ on surface. Because you always get a big zit just before a hot date with Neptune.

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