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INFOGRAPHIC: How People Really Spend Their Time on the Net

What do people really do when they go online? You might be very surprised. Or you might already know. In either case, check out this cool infographic, dammit. An eSarcasm nonexclusive.

By (@tynanwrites)

October 10, 2012

    The Interwebs are a fabulous thing. You know what’s more fabulous? Writing about how people are using the Interwebs, on the Interwebs, while other people are reading about how they use the Interwebs, on the Interwebs.

    Also fabulous: Using stupid made-up phrases like “Interwebs” five times in three sentences. (Make that six times in four sentences.)

    Which brings us to the following embedded infographic. We didn’t do squat to produce this infographic; that was done by an outfit calling itself Online Schools. But they asked (really, begged) us to republish it free of charge. And heck, if Mashable can take the bait, so can we. We’re not proud.

    Warning: It’s a mammoth graphic and it uses HTML5. So if it breaks your computer, don’t come crying to us.

    State of the Internet 2011
    Created by Online Schools (a lead-generation Web site).

    [Editor’s note: We have been requested (really, begged) by Online Schools to take this infographic down, lest we be accused of illegal link trading by Google. For the record, we did not trade links with Online Schools, legally or otherwise. Also for the record, we suspect Online Schools has absolutely nothing to do with actual education. And Google is already intercoursing us up the dookie chute for reasons that escape us. So we’re leaving it up for now to see what happens.]

    Unlike Mashable, however, we took an additional 13 minutes to create our own painstakingly researched, badly photoshopped infographic on how the vast majority of Internet users really spend their time. Here it is. Prepare to be blown away:

    And now for the actual* numbers on how people spend their time online:

    14% Fucking around on Facebook
    5% Deleting requests from friends playing Farmville and other stupidass Zynga games
    5% Deleting friends who play stupidass Zynga games
    7% Tweeting about how awesome you are
    4% Retweeting other people’s tweets about how awesome they are, hoping they’ll retweet yours
    8% Depositing ugly anonymous comments on other people’s blogs
    11% Pretending to work while actually just reading email
    2% Deleting impossibly boring emails from your family
    2% Using the ‘Sorry that email must have gotten trapped by my spam filter’ excuse when questioned by your family
    27% Porn
    14% Cute cat videos
    1% Actual work

    * Not actually actual.

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