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EXCLUSIVE: The Missing Sarah Palin eMails

eSarcasm has uncovered a series of Sarah Palin emails detailing how Senator John McCain chose her as his running mate. What we found there chilled us to the bone. Prepare yourselves for a shock.

By (@tynanwrites)

June 13, 2011

The story you're about to read is not (entirely) true. It is, however, more accurate than most things on network television.

Late last week, the State of Alaska released 24,419 pages of email messages from and to former Governor Sarah Palin, finally fulfilling a Freedom of Information Request Act made in 2008.

The reason for the long delay? The emails had to be located, collated, spell checked, formatted, reformatted, translated into Latin and then Greek, translated back into English, printed out and mimeographed for distribution to the media. Then the mimeo machine broke down and they had to wait six months for a repairman to make it to Anchorage.

For reasons as yet unclear, however, eSarcasm received 24,422 pages of emails. And contained within those three extra pages were stunning revelations about exactly how the McCain campaign came to choose Palin as running mate in August 2008.

We present them now unexpurgated and in chronological order for easier reading:

The Missing Sarah Palin eMails-esarcasm2

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  • gnome

    come on guys these are not from sarah palin,,,  proof is they halfway make sense

  • For those who think that eSarcasm’s articles are wildly made-up fanciful tales, take a moment and read about the political career of Jerry Springer, who actually HAS been elected to office, resigned after admitting to hiring a prostitute, and was resoundingly re-elected by his constituents. Even the eSarcasm writers can’t make this stuff up –

    • His constituents WERE prostitutes, of course they re-elected him, he increased hiring in his area by over a thousand percent!