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Secrets of the Mysterious Male Orgasm Revealed!

After decades of research, scientists believe they have finally uncovered the complex set of triggers that leads to the mysterious male orgasm.

By (@JRRaphael)

November 29, 2009

The story you're about to read is not (entirely) true. It is, however, more accurate than most things on network television.

Male OrgasmHaving just confirmed the “complicated dance between emotions and biology” that surrounds the female orgasm, scientists say they have now achieved what was long believed impossible: understanding the triggers of the mysterious and little-understood male sexual climax.

“This is an event we have been analyzing for ages,” says Dr. Richard Cox, a lead researcher at the Cambridge University Male Sexuality program. “Understanding now what actually causes a male orgasm will enable women worldwide to meet their partners’ needs in ways they’ve never been able to before.”

The secrets behind the male orgasm, Cox says, have evaded men and women alike for centuries. While women are able to climax by having a combination of romance, mood lighting, and a precise sun-moon angle of 89.853 degrees, the circumstances that cause a male sexual peak have remained far more shrouded in mystery.

“I have never been able to figure out what sets it off,” confesses one woman, a 34-year-old named Celeste. “Sometimes I’m able to bring partners to that point, but I never know what did it — it’s like trying to solve a trigonometric equation figuring that out.”

08_brooklyn-decker_13The answer, Cox and his team say, lies within a precise blend of physical and visual stimuli.

“Basically, what we’ve discovered is that the display of female flesh, accompanied with any kind of brief physical contact, is the key to the long-standing enigma,” Cox explains, noting that neither the visual display nor the physical contact is absolutely necessary. “That kind of stimulation appears to be the real trigger of this rare and delicate event.”

Cox is optimistic about the implications of his research, both within the science community and within the real world.

“Understanding the male climax could allow more men to begin experiencing it on a regular basis. Gone will be the days of frustratingly ended sexual encounters with that peak left unreached,” he says.

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