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The Arrington Backlash Awards: Twitter’s Most Amusing Insults

Michael Arrington is getting reamed on Twitter following his decision to publish info stolen from the social network. Here are our awards for the most original jabs out there.

By (@JRRaphael)

July 15, 2009

Michael Arrington TwitterDon’t let the “Ethics 101” graphic on his recent blog posting fool you — Michael Arrington isn’t exactly an authority on integrity. When TechCrunch’s top tool announced someone had given him a stack of stolen documents from Twitter Tuesday night, he publicly weighed the dilemma — to publish or not to publish? — then went with the former.

Arrington opted, at least initially, to release only a handful of the files he said he possessed, avoiding the disclosure of any terribly personal or embarrassing information. Still, that hasn’t stopped hoards of Twitter users from turning against the big-headed blogger and expressing their frustrations in some creative ways.

We spent some time tracking down the most amusing Arrington references moving through the Twittersphere today. Cue the curtains and go find Billy Crystal, then: It’s time for the eSarcasm Arrington Backlash Awards. Drumroll, please.

• Most Effective Fabrication of an Office Document

mtodd: The only document Michael Arrington regularly maintains is his 10-part Douchiness Training Guide, the only mandatory material at TechCrunch

• Most Humorous Penis-Related Statement

twoname: Mike Arrington said it would be “just the tip.” And now we’re pregnant.

• Worst Arrington-Related Imagery in a Twitter-Based Joke

KuraFire: Mike Arrington always comes first.

• Best Reference to What We Thought Was a Pretty Damn Good Line

DrBadhands: Mike Arrington told me I couldn’t get pregnant my first time.

• Funniest Use of Coldplay in an Insult

stretta: Mike Arrington took the last cup of coffee and didn’t start a new pot. Oh, and he listens to Coldplay.

• Most Creative Use of an Anagram

stretta: Remember: You can’t spell ‘A Lethargic In Norm’ without ‘Michael Arrington’.

• Best Simultaneous Jab at Arrington and Internet Explorer

93octane: Mike Arrington released IE8.

• Best Toilet-Related Reference

biorhythmist: No matter how much I wiped, I still couldn’t get all the Mike Arrington off, so I just took a shower.

• Best Decision to Avoid Sexual Intercourse

travishines: I really don’t want to have to sleep with Arrington down the road to get a cover story, and make up for some of my tweets :)

• Most Random Arrington-Related Insult

CcSteff: Mike Arrington waterboards puppies.

• Best Display of Bad Judgment (tie)

sheldonth: dude @arrington. You are the fkin man. Journalistic integrity is a farse. Way to go bro – publish it all. Got my support

peterc: Congratulations to @arrington for having some balls over the current “Twittergate” imbroglio. Whatever you think, he’s a good editor.

• Least Effort Put Into an Arrington Joke

mtrazz: Oh and…something something Mike Arrington

• Most Opportune Time to Be Oblivious (tie)

Diva_Ali: Who the fuck is Mike Arrington?

WildfireBelle: I had to google Mike Arrington. You people kill me. Would everyone mind limiting their tweets to sitcom stars & Sarah Palin?

• Most Confusing, Yet Oddly Amusing Message About Arrington

pikkutiikeri: Mike Arrington made me constipated.

• Best Tweet by a Guy Named Matt Harrington

mattjh2: I don’t know about Mike Arrington, but Matt Harrington is a pretty cool guy.

• Best Allusion to a Feminine Hygiene Product

Figliuolo: Summer’s Eve just released their new Mike Arrington product line.

• Most Transparent Attempt to Cover One’s Ass After the Fact

arrington: actively working w Twitter to try to keep bulk of info unpublished anywhere. and we aren’t posting a major security hole until it is closed. (sent at approximately 1 p.m. PT Thursday)

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