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Today Is Yet Another Day…You’ll Never Forget

Prepare yourself: Once you’ve seen the future, you can never go back to the past. Unless you have a flux capacitor. But we’re assuming you don’t.

By (@JRRaphael)

November 22, 2010

From the eSarcasm Company Blog:

Sarc.me Fortune CookieO to the M to the G, dude: eSarcasm, The Web That Always Sneaks Out Before You Wake Up In The Morning ™, has just revolutionized the Internet. Again.

eSarcasm is aroused to announce the debut of its magical new URL shortener, Sarc.me. Starting right…now, Sarc.me will change the way millions thousands hundreds dozens of users share snarky geek humor across the Interwebbular Plateaus.

How will it work, you ask? Well, pretty much like every other URL shortener out there. But instead of something drab like “Bit.ly” or “Ow.ly,” it’ll say “Sarc.me” — and people think that’s kinda neat.

“That’s kinda neat,” said some guy we made up in order to prove our aforementioned point.

Sarc.me rolled out in a limited beta late last week and is now fully operational. Anytime you share a link from one of eSarcasm’s convenient in-site Twitter buttons, the Sarc.me interface will automatically deploy. Like some sort of really cool rocket on a futuristic spaceship. Even The Wall Street Journal‘s Walt Mossberg agrees.

“I agree,” Walt Mossberg remarked.*

Sarc.me TwitterEffective immediately, all links sent out by eSarcasm’s generously girthed Twitter account will also feature the new Sarc.me URL shortening experience.

“This is an enormous step forward for the dissemination of sarcastic material,” said eSarcasm Chair Dan Tynan.

“You said ‘semination,'” added eSarcasm Sofa JR Raphael.

Tynan and Raphael admit that Sarc.me wasn’t their first choice for a URL shortening platform — Fuck.me, Blow.me, and Suck.me were unfortunately all already taken — but they only admit that because we gave them lots of liquor and subjected them to 20 minutes of intensive tickling. Otherwise, they’d totally deny it and insist that Sarc.me was always the only option.

* Full disclosure: Walt Mossberg was not actually talking about the Sarc.me URL shortener when he made that remark.

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