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The Funniest Words From Google’s ‘Instant’ Blacklist

Google has banned hundreds of terms from showing up in its “Instant” search results — and some of them are more than a little bizarre.

By (@JRRaphael)

September 29, 2010

Google wants to make search instantaneous — unless, that is, you’re searching for boobies or butts.

Google Instant BlacklistWe’re talking about Google’s new Instant search feature, announced earlier this month. Google Instant lets you see search results as you’re typing: With each letter you press, the results become more refined, and you never even have to hit enter.

Now, Google’s been up-front from the start about the fact that Instant search doesn’t support obscene terms. It’s an understandable approach: If “buttered up bimbos” are what you desire, you can still find them by searching normally — but a third grader looking for facts about butter won’t see the phrase automatically pop up while she’s typing.

A Web site called 2600.com has taken it upon itself to compile a list of phrases blacklisted by Google Instant. The list contains plenty of the usual suspects — you know, things like “dildo,” “doggy style,” and “double dong” — but it has some slightly more unusual entries, too.

We pored through the Google Instant blacklist to find the funniest and most baffling banned terms. Here are 10 of our favorites.

1. Ball Gravy

Let’s be honest: If you’re searching for this, you really deserve whatever you get.

2. Brown Showers

Missy Misdemeanor ElliottIt’s pretty much exactly what you’d imagine.

3. Rapping Women

Maybe the “Misdemeanor” in Missy’s name raised a red flag?

4. Goodpoop

“Badpoop,” oddly enough, is considered OK.

5. Get My Sister

If this phrase actually strikes you as being naughty, please seek counseling immediately.
Robin Williams Hairy

6. Hairy

Sorry, Robin Williams.

7. Tushy

What — isn’t that what you search for when you’re seeking out raunchy smut?

8. Wrapping Men

It’s always wrong. Even if you use patterned paper and a pretty pink bow.
Wrinkled Starfish

9. Wrinkled Starfish

Coincidentally also the name of Steve Jobs’ high school band.

10. Paris Hilton

You know, on second thought, this one probably does belong.

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