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College Coeds to Promote Bunless Sandwiches? My Ass.

Kentucky Fried Chicken has come up with a novel way to promote its Double Down sandwiches — using the derrieres of college girls. God love ’em.

By (@tynanwrites)

September 23, 2010

The Kentucky Colonel has unveiled a new marketing campaign that’s truly hit bottom — and we mean that in a good way.

The fried chicken kings are paying attractive young coeds $500 to wear pants promoting KFC’s "Double Down" fried chicken sandwiches on their curvy bits.

Because nothing says ‘Good Eats’ like a plump juicy derriere in sweat pants. We’re pretty sure we read that in the Bible (aka Tucker Max’s I Hope they Serve Beer in Hell).

The Double Down features bacon and cheese layered between two fried chicken filets. The idea is that the sandwiches lack buns, so the girls are supplying them. Yes, really.

And if the girls eat enough of these sandwiches — each of which pack 590 calories and 31 grams of fat — KFC may have to change the name of that campaign to "Double Wide."

Admittedly, this campaign is exactly the kind of thing that would catch our eye. We’d be more than happy to do a double, my dear, but only if we can eat it off your buns.

Interested coeds with the requisite assets can apply by signing up at KFC’s Facebook page (which, ironically enough, was down as this was being written).

Still KFC’s bundacious campaign pales in comparison to Burger King’s ad for its Super 7-incher steak sandwich. Oh baby, come to poppa. Just wait’ll you taste the secret sauce.

We like where this trend is going.

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