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New Apple iPad App Keeps Track of Your Sh*t (Literally)

And you thought fart apps were bad. Discover a whole new reason to bring your magical Apple iPad into the loo. We shit you not.

By (@tynanwrites)

September 21, 2010

Your Apple iPad is full of crap. No, we are not being metaphorical. It really is — or it will be after you install Avatar Labs’ Poo Log HD app, based on the alleged best seller, What’s Your Poo Telling You?*

This is a real product. Don’t believe us? Here’s the release:

The Poo Log app features a digital timer and journal for recording, studying and tracking of the individual’s digestive workings, as well as bathroom humor and medical information to ensure healthy living. The Poo Log HD app for iPad enables users to create multiple individual profiles and track their poo, making it a great tool for family health.

Hey, it’s fun for the whole family. Finally, a topic everyone can talk about at dinner. Now we know where they got the inspiration for that show "S#*! My Dad Says."

It gets worse. There’s a viral video. Actually, three viral videos. Here’s a (stool) sample:

Yes, we just threw up in our mouths a little, too.

Remember back in the days when Steve Jobs kept, err, crapping all over the idea of a Tablet PC? He reportedly asked “What’s a tablet good for — surfing the Web on the toilet?” Apparently, the answer is Yes, that’s exactly what a Web tablet is good for.

Sorry, our poo is telling us we’ve got a schedule to keep. Gotta run.

* Somehow, we don’t think Winnie would approve.

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