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Craigslist Says It Will Show No Mo Ho’s

Craigslist has caved and censored its Adult Services ads, thus putting an end to prostitution for all time. Or something like that.

By (@tynanwrites)

September 4, 2010

Bowing to pressure from 17 state attorneys general, Craigslist has begun censoring its Adult Services ads. Visitors coming to any of the 400+ Craigslist sites will encounter a big black CENSORED tab where Adult Services used to be.

[UPDATE: That “censored” label, and the entire Adult Services section, have been permanently deleted. Sorry, Craigslist hooker fans.]

As we all know, the scourge of prostitution had been entirely eradicated from modern society before Craigslist came along. And now that Adult Service ads are banned, you can expect all those hard-working gals to pack up their condoms and lubricants and enroll in secretarial school.

Alas, we fear that  — despite the best intentions of 17 state attorneys general desperately trying to get re-elected — a ban on Adult Services won’t quite put an end to adult-oriented advertising on Craigslist.

Consider, for example, this ad placed two days ago for a rural North Carolina "small business" called House of Love.

Having perused photos of all the performers, we can assure you there’s nothing small about HOL. But if you like your lovin’ in big economy-sized containers, Look No Father:

Looks like the House of Love has spent a little too much time at the House of Pancakes.

But it’s not just chubs in scrubs. Looking for a transgendered male exotic dancer to liven up your NYC soirees? Just check under "creative services." Or maybe you’re an Los Angeleno tired of serving up pu-pu platters on the same boring old trays. Why not try this "skilled trade service":

SEXY HUMAN Platters (with food/ dessert served on models’ bodies), DANCERS (Strippers/ Go Go, Bikini, etc), Bartenders/ Servers, Promo Models/ Party Minglers, Adult games, etc – sexy outfits, shorts/ lingerie/ bikini, topless, FULL NUDE or FULLY dressed if you prefer

Of course, just because the words "exotic," "stripper," and "sex" appear in an ad does not make it any less wholesome than a box of Girl Scout cookies. Like this ad from the "event services" section of the San Francisco Craigslist:

My name is Abby & I have Playful Strippers & Exotic Dancers for any occasion!

WWW.YOURPARTYGIRLS.COM– call for website ( I can provide reviews on Yelp & more)

NOT an ESCORT or SEX service EVER!

I am a stripper & exotic dancer & do NOT provide extras.

Abby, we totally believe you. And when you’re busy not giving us a blowjob, we promise to not come in your mouth.

We’d like to extend a big eSarcasm thank you to the Attorney General offices of Arkansas, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

We’d hate to see you wasting taxpayer money and limited resources fighting actual crimes.

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