Something Smells. Oh — It’s the Internet

Get a whiff of this: A communications company is getting ready to test a new Web-controlled scent system for your office or home. Do you smell what we smell?

By (@JRRaphael)

July 8, 2009

Is it just us, or is the Internet starting to smell slightly silly? A Japanese communications company is about to begin testing a high-tech scent system that’s controlled remotely via the Net. Yeah, that’s right: the scent of the Web, piped straight through your PC. Hooah.

To be clear, it won’t be your computer itself overwhelming your olfactory system; it’ll be a USB-connected device called the i-Aroma. NTT Communications worked with a Japanese astrologist and aroma therapist to link the device up to the Web, allowing special codes to be sent electronically to trigger different smells. And here you thought “Dusty Motherboard” was the only fragrance your system offered.

i-Aroma Ad

During the trials, special scent “courses” designed by the team will be transferred into the i-Aromas. One course set to be tested, NTT says, will “emit fragrances matched to the rhythm of daily life.”

Just be sure not to plug in after chili day at the NTT cafeteria — that’s one life rhythm best left unshared.

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