Have You Seen the ‘Harry Popper’ Condoms?

Why anyone would want the image of a wily wizard-boy on his wang is beyond us.

By (@JRRaphael)

August 23, 2010

In slightly disturbing geek-sex news, a new type of Harry Potter-like condom is causing quite the stir in the wizarding world.

The “Harry Popper” condoms, as they’re called, feature the unmistakable image of a bespectacled boy on the outside of their, er, package. The similarity is striking enough that Warner Bros. is taking legal action against the Switzerland-based company that makes the things.

Harry Popper Condoms

According to The Telegraph, lawyers for Warner Bros. say the “image of [their] client is in danger.” Legal reps for the condom-makers, meanwhile, insist the product “has nothing to do with Harry Potter.”

Amidst all the discussion, however, no one is answering the three most pressing questions:

  • Do the condoms really put extra magic in your wand?
  • Do they enable the long sought-after “Erecto” spell?

And, most puzzling of all:

  • Has the type of guy who would buy these ever actually had sex with another person?

Call us muggles if you must, but we have our doubts.

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