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By (@tynanwrites)

August 4, 2010

It isn’t every day you’re called both an "online geek humor authority" and "the internet’s leading geek humor portal and editorial website," but heck, it’s in a press release, so it must be true.

Today, online purveyor of fine custom-designed chestware Fibers.com released the following unto the world:

Fibers.com, an innovative custom clothing company, has announced an exciting and unique contest themed around a compatible pair: geeks and t-shirts. The contest, entitled “I May Be Fashion Challenged But I’m Smarter Than You T-shirt Design Contest,” was inspired by the impressive creativity of tech-related and science-fiction themed t-shirts designed by users on Fibers.com. Users at Fibers.com have the ability to create a truly unique design on a variety of clothing items using a powerful yet simple-to-use web-based application.

Hmm, no mention of eSarcasm yet. But wait, it’s coming:

Fibers.com has partnered with eSarcasm.com, the internet’s leading geek humor portal and editorial website. The contest will be judged by eSarcasm.com based on quality of design, humor element, social media activity, and general popularity on the contest page.

There ya go. "Leading geek humor portal." Sigh. We could eat that shit up all day long. The key information here: The all important Humor element (number 97 in the periodic table of Web elements, between Sarcastogen and Sardonium).

The contest is expected to draw a wide variety of design submissions. All are encouraged to participate and express their geek pride through designing a t-shirt. Whether sarcastic, clever, artistic, uncouth, or even crass, Fibers.com welcomes all angles of a geek humor while still reserving the right to deny the distasteful or offensive.

Uncouth and crass, right on. And, if it were up to us, we’d say bring on the distasteful and offensive too. But those guys at Fibers.com objected. (We think they might still be virgins — just a hunch.)

But anyway, if you haven’t entered the contest yet, do it now. Because dammit, we’re humor pundits, and you’re required to do what we say. And who wouldn’t want to win a free Apple iPad?

Image: T-shirt design by Paggard. (Don’t get too excited, dude, it doesn’t mean you’re gonna win.)

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