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Hump Day Hottie: Jenn Sterger

Meet Brett Favre’s favorite email correspondent, Jenn Sterger.

By (@tynanwrites)

August 4, 2010

It isn’t any old skank who’s worthy of receiving photos of Brett Favre’s private parts. It takes a special gal like actress/model/writer/TV host Jenn Sterger to warrant that kind of forward pass. According to Deadspin, the former Jets sideline reporter was sent photos of the Green Bay New York Minnesota QB’s personal pigskin, presumably as prelude to a more intimate scrimmage. (This just in: Brett Favre has announced he is retiring from emailing pix of his junk to slutty celebrity wannabes.) We can certainly see why. The one-time Florida State Cowgirl has displayed her assets for Playboy, Maxim, and anyone else willing to point a camera in her general direction. According to Sterger’s very own Web site, "her Internet diary continues to be one of the most read personal entry-blogs on the Web," despite only posting 7 times in the past six months. Hey at least she didn’t post those pix of lil Brett.

(Update: Brett Favre has announced he will return to sending dong shots to football slags for at least one more year.)

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Photo: Probably Playboy, but found at Wrestle with Jimmy.

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  • pchrun

    Wow, Brett Favre decides to retire to pursue his passion for photography.

    Read the article.


  • As She Waits

    Hey Brett, next time you decide you'd like to send dirty pics and voice messages to a girl half your age… PICK ME! *drools* And believe me, I'd never smear your name all over the media. They'd become a family heirloom… lol. BF4EVR! <3

    • Steve M

      You are probably a sweat hog.

  • 2"forervsson

    nice to see brett left a photo of himself for his new grandson to see. Now he'll be able to see what a DICK he was.

  • G77

    It would have been a story if he DIDN'T try and get that!!!!

    • beechwood_aging

      Absolutely, if you aint cheating you aint trying. That woman is smoking!

  • Who Cares

    another skank looking for her 5 minutes of fame or a payoff.

  • Fargique

    After seeing these alleged pics on Deadspin, it appears that Favre's vaunted ability to go deep is limited to the football field.

  • Rockets1986

    fake boobs

  • Finchy2man

    At least Brett has good taste.

  • Pick me Jenn!

    Kind of funny. She passed on the AARP QB. Wonder what his wife Deanna and his kids think about daddy getting turned down by this hottie?

  • whuarf
  • Racinhomenow

    wtf whuaf trying to spread viruses

  • Racinhomenow

    wtf whuaf trying to spread viruses

  • Racinhomenow

    wtf whuaf trying to spread viruses

  • Racinhomenow

    wtf whuaf trying to spread viruses