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Design a Funny T-Shirt, Win an Apple iPad. Seriously.

Create your own geeky-yet-funny T-shirt, and you might walk away with a magical, revolutionary, life-changing iPad. Yes, we do rock, thank you very much.

By (@tynanwrites)

August 3, 2010

To honor eSarcasm’s first year of snarkitude, we’re giving away an iPad. This is not a joke. No, we have not gone insane. Well, maybe a little.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of our official launch, we’ve partnered with the fine folks at Fibers.com to bring you the "I May Be Fashion Challenged But I’m Smarter Than You" T-shirt design challenge.

It’s simple: Design a geeky yet wickedly funny T-shirt and you’ll get the magical, revolutionary and life changing opportunity to win an Apple iPad worth almost $630. No foolin’. You also get a printed version of your shirt to impress your friends and offend your neighbors. Second and third prize winners will also take home fabulous cash and prizes.

There’s only one catch: You have to design a shirt that makes us laugh so hard we pass food through our noses. Yes, that’s right — we’re the judges in this little contest. So you know what that means: no stupid pictures of cats wanting cheezburgers. Wasn’t funny then, not funny now.

The fine folks at Fibers give you everything you need to design and submit your shirts online here (no, wait — we mean here), and you can submit as many designs as you like. You can even vote on other peoples’ submissions; it won’t mean jack to us, of course, but if it floats your boat, go for it. 

Of course, you do have to follow a few simple rules:

  • You must be 18 to participate. This means most of Dr. Smartass’s female companions are ineligible to enter. Sorry gals.
  • Try to be tasteful. Yes, we know that sounds weird coming from us. But try to restrain yourselves, Dr. Smartass’s lady friends might be be watching.
  • No stealing other people’s artwork. Yeah, we know, this is the InterWebs. But still… don’t make us come over there.
  • The contest runs through August 25. Get struck by a brilliant idea on the 26th? Tough titties, bro-man.

You’ll find more rules here.

Too tired to design your own shirt? You are more than welcome to buy one (or many fine dainty undergarments) at the eSarcasm store. No entering it into the contest though. We’re not that stupid, despite appearances to the contrary.

Photo: The seriously snacky Caitlin Manley was found at Hottie of the Hour.

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