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Video: Apple’s New iPhone Bumper in Action

Apple has released a new video promoting its suddenly-high-profile rubber iPhone bumper. Needless to say, this changes everything — again.

By (@JRRaphael)

July 22, 2010

Wow. Those new Apple iPhone bumpers are beautiful. Wonderful, really. One might even say revolutionary.

We came across this new promotional video showcasing Apple’s fancy fix for its iPhone 4 antenna issue, and we felt we’d be doing our readers a disservice if we didn’t share. So sit back, relax, and behold the magic of the magnificent Apple bumper.

Call us crazy, but we’re still holding out for the Mantenna.

(Thanks to the gang at SlateV.com for the video!)

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  • xarophti

    Did you also check out “The iPhone Ad You'll Never See” on SlateV? Hilarious!

  • Nuttan

    Well, I waited for the video. If you don't support HTML5 and soon, like tomorrow, your site is junk!
    How's this for sarcasm:
    Oh, what a wonderful site! I just love visiting these 20th century sites.
    Oh! This is the 21st century you say. Well you could have fooled me… Dahhhh! Thanks to the children at SlateV.com. Probably a Microsoft power point presentation. Winfanboys!

    • ljj101

      HA!! You just made my day …
      There's nothing like an angry fanboy (of any stripe) to make you feel like maybe the world's going to be alright.

  • Latinusrex

    C'mon fanboys, how many % if visitors use iPhone, iWhatevere to visit any given site? 2% – 5%? And do you know whats the cost to some sites to transcode the Flash videos to HTML5 H.264? Will they stop serving .FLV videos just to jump in to iWhatever to be cool? Just to serve 2% – 5%?

    Some huge sites as YouTube can do it, they have the money and technologie, but what about the average sites?

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    • couldn’t have said it better myself.