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The TechList: 18.July.2010

Escape from Apple Hell, Mel’s just swell — can’t you tell?

By (@tynanwrites)

July 18, 2010

1. Apple. Free iPhone bumpers for everyone! Now we can all finally get back to talking about how crappy AT&T is again.

2. RIM. Unamused by Jobs trash talk. Their response to Steve: Stick this Blackberry up your ass and tell us how many bars you see.

3. Mel Gibson. Accidental podcast at RadarOnline shows serious actor’s funny side. Hey, this stuff kills at KKK meetings.

4. Facebook. It sees dead people, per NY Times. And even they are pissed off about Facebook’s privacy policies.

5. Antennagate. Whoever appended ‘gate’ to the iPhone 4 debacle needs to be flogged. What’s next, ‘stubbed-toe-gate’?

6. BP. May have stopped that damned leak (maybe). The last three fish still alive in the Gulf say "Thanks, Tony."

7. Isaiah Mustafa. Now that Old Spice Guy has saved the Webs, Apple should hire him as spokesmodel. He might actually respond.

8. Gizmodo. Kills search warrant in iPhone affair by rolling over for the cops. That sound you hear is the First Amendment shriveling.

9. 4chan. Done with Justin Bieber, now picking on 11-year-old girls. What’s next — calling in bomb threats to daycare centers?

10. Steve Jobs. Unveils new ad tagline at iPhone 4 bumper conference: "Apple: We’re not perfect… just forgiven."

Photo of Mel: BestChurchOfGod.

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