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The TechList: 11.July.2010

Apple’s iPhones are hotter than you think; Facebook says ‘I know nuzzink’

By (@tynanwrites)

July 11, 2010

1. iPhone 4. Unit bursts into flame, per Boy Genius Report. See what can happen when you hold that thing the wrong way?

2. Mojoceratops. Newly discovered dinosaur given cheeky name. Apparently Austin Powers is now a paleontologist.

3. Justin Bieber. 4chan prank nominates North Korea for teen singer’s next tour. We understand Kim Jong-Il is a huge fan.

4. Apple. Your iPhone 4’s reception doesn’t suck, it’s just displaying the wrong number of bars. The correct number? Zero, dumbass.

5. Facebook. Germany mad at FB for storing email addresses of non-users. We hear they plan to use the Sgt Schultz “I know nuzzink” defense.

6. Prince. Declares Internet “outdated” and “completely over.” This from a guy who still parties like it’s 1999.

7. Lady Gaga. First to reach 10 million Facebook fans. Who knew there were that many deaf people on Facebook?

8. Joel Tenenbaum. Convicted file swapper’s penalty slashed to $2250 per song. That’s still $2249.01 too much for Lady Gaga.

9. YouTube. New “Leanback” mode streams endless HD videos. Next week YouTube will debut its unskippable commercials mode, “Bendover.”

10. Olivia Munn. Jezebel blog calls Daily Show sexist for hiring Hump Day Hottie. We forgot: Only fat/ugly chicks can be funny. Our bad.

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