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3 Simple Steps to Fixing the iPhone 4’s Reception Problem

Apple won’t admit its new iPhone gets shitty reception, but have no fear: eSarcasm’s found a quick and simple fix for your iPhone 4 antenna woes.

By (@JRRaphael)

July 2, 2010

In the world of Steve Jobs, everything is beautiful, wonderful, and — of course — magical. So it’s probably no surprise that, despite the fact his entire customer base says the new iPhone is horribly flawed, Jobs insists it’s fine.

The problem all comes down to the iPhone 4’s antenna: Put simply, it’s placed where a lot of people put their fingers. And that means unless you hold the phone in some sort of weird Jedi-master voodoo grip, you can’t actually make calls with the damn thing.

(Jobs’ response: “There are no reception issues.” And the famous: “Just avoid holding it in that way.”)

Well, since Apple’s not owning up to the problem, we decided to take matters into our own hands. After several days of intensive research and testing, we’re happy to report we’ve found a solution.

Behold: The simple three-step fix to solving all your iPhone 4 reception problems. It’s guaranteed to work.

iPhone 4 Reception Fix

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  • Steelwings

    Now for the new iPhone 4 is the fix every thing app iBelieve. Fix every thing with a clap of the hands just like magic.

  • umkcdds

    Consumer Reports is about as unbiased as they come, and they say the iphone 4 reception is a non-issue.


  • Borgno

    Shouldn't step 1 be take it back to the Apple store within 30 days if you are unhappy and get a full refund? That is allowed, you know, and it makes more sense that trashing it.

    • tom

      haha, i love how some people never grasp the fact that this is a HUMOUR SITE………..good lord. lol

      • mjones1052

        Indeed. And also the people that come and defend the thing like it's made by God himself. Not really sure how anyone other than 15 year old girls can enjoy those things considering all the things Android offers.

  • Oldnerd

    I hear Apple is coming out with an app that will use wi-fi to connect the iPhone4 to RABBIT EARS!

  • Abel84

    Motorola VE440:
    I just loved your blog. I think instead of giving number of procedures to follow whenever the problems arise, the Apple guys should concentrate on their quality and reputation now.

  • Graham

    Just restrict the wearing of polyester tu tu's and the reception is amazing, especially from Mr plod!

  • Sreekeshyd

    First the iPhone was left at bars, Now bars left the iPhone.