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This Just In: Google’s Background Image Really Pissed People Off

Holy Hotmail, people are saying some funny stuff about Google’s short-lived background image experiment. Here are 11 tweets that made us titter.

By (@JRRaphael)

June 10, 2010

Google Background ImageFor a short time on Thursday, Google’s home page started to look a little too much like Bing.

For 24 hours, Google decided to feature colorful (read: distracting) images on its home page, similar to the style of its Microsoft-run competitor. The idea was to show off a new customization feature in which you can upload your own photos to be displayed on your Google home page background.

Unfortunately, people hated it. Really hated it. So much that Google decided to pull the plug only a few hours in.

Still, it’s entertaining how riled up everyone got over what was intended to be a 24-hour design change. We surfed through Twitter to find some of the more amusing remarks about Google’s background image experiment. Here are our favorites.

@jayfanelli: If Apple ran Google.com, they would’ve never added a background image. They would’ve made the white background whiter.

True. But then again, they also would have removed all traces of porn and satirical material from the search results.

@vsbuffalo: It’s amazing how much a simple background image can disrupt workflow and be distracting.

Seriously — it disrupts workflow almost as much as people tweeting about their disrupted workflow.

@janeylicious: check out @eridius’s last tweet – he worked on a safari extension last night to get rid of that background image.

OK, this @eridus fella may have even more time on his hands than those AT&T-hacking guys. Paging “hobbies”…you’re desperately needed in the IT department.

@visualxjinsei: WHY does GOOGLE have a background IMAGE?!!!!! WHY?!!!!!


@terrymatula: Wow. People really are upset that Google.com has a background image today? REALLY? How does it affect your life in absolutely ANY way?

Yeah, try telling that to @visualxjinsei. Dude is off his rocker.

@Isabelle80: Glad I’m not the only one who hates the ridiculous Google Background Image. I’m sick of having stuff thrust on me like this.

That’s not what she said. HAY-OH!

@MSEurope: We’ve lost a background image, if found please return to bing.com ;)

Hint: It’s in the same place as all that market share you keep losing.

@JerryBologna: #ourfriendshipendedwhen Google sold out and started using a stupid background image. Ultimate friendship bond…broken.

These kind of harsh words from a guy named Jerry Bologna? We feel a little funny about that. Also a little hungry. For bologna.

@megan_3193: The google background images are rather exciting. It really is the smallest things on crappy days like this :)

Oh, Megan…sweet Megan. Can you spread some of your cheer to our buddy Mr. Bologna? His mayo’s done gone sour.

@lalabieberland: give me a break. If you don’t want a google background image, don’t do any changes then! jeez, don’t make it a big deal.

Thank God @lalabieberland is around to help calm the storm. Now if only that chick from Hanson would jump in on the conversation, too…

@shiftmo: at work, HR just had a talk with me. apparently numerous colleagues are upset i’m using photos of them as my google.ca background image.

Similar thing happened to us. In our defense, though, Steve sent us that photo of himself in his skivvies. He never said we couldn’t use it.

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