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The TechList: 30.06.09

Pirate Bay sale is no fluke; IE8 makes even Microsoft puke

By (@tynanwrites)

June 30, 2009

garfield pussy porn1. Green Dam. Net filter blocks Garfield, allows full-on porn. If this is what China means by Web censorship, we say bring it on.

2. Pirate Bay. Sold to Swedish gaming group for $7.8 million. Unclear whether Pirate Bay Four took payment in cash or booty.

3. Microsoft. New IE8 ads feature projectile vomiting. Yes, really. Some IE8 user must have stumbled onto the Steve Ballmer Sex Tape.

4. Flickr. Lets users post pix directly to Twitter. Oh joy. Now we get to see just how boring other peoples’ lives truly are.

5. Matthew Weigman. Blind 19-y.o. hacker gets 11 years for prank 911 calls. If he’d ordered pizzas, it would have been 22 years.

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